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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Pistachio for Heart, Nervous System and Health


The tree where the pistachio seeds come from belongs to the Anacardiaceae family and is indigenous to Syria, Asia and Greece. The pistachio tree is not so big in size which grows into about 10 meters in Height. The nut is green in color and it also comes enclosed in an egg-shaped shell. There are many known varieties of the pistachio nuts with the Kerman variety as the most popular and most used. It is cultivated a lot in the United States but with Iran as the largest producer and exporter of the very nutritional nut. The pistachio nuts are technically fruits, but also seeds of the pistachio tree. They have fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants and protein as some of its constituents. Continue reading below to understand why the nuts have been around for over centuries and to understand the Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts.  

What Are the Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts?

The Top health benefits of pistachio nuts include:

Helps to treat Diabetes

Recent studies have found that glucose and insulin levels drops after the consumption of pistachio. The pistachio nut is also said to increase the levels of peptide 1, which is a hormone that helps to stabilize and regulate glucose levels in diabetic patients. According to an Iranian study, the dietary consumption of pistachio nuts can have very good health effects on the control of glycemic, inflammation, blood pressure and also obesity in diabetics.

Helps to improve the health of your Gut

The pistachio nuts contain fiber that help the health of the gut by aiding digestion and also preventing constipation. The fiber acts as a prebiotic as it is digested by the food bacteria present in the stomach. The stomach bacteria break down the fiber by fermentation and produce fatty acids, with have several benefits. They also lower the risks of getting colon cancer. Pistachio nuts are said to help in improving the digestive health overall. Butyrate is one of the healthy fatty acid, whose consumption helps in increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Helps to slow down the process of Aging

Pistachio nuts contain Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 that help to protect your skin from getting damaged by UV rays and overall helps your appearance by reducing every sign of premature aging. The copper present in the historic nuts help with the production of a component, elastin, this helps to prevents the formation of blotches, wrinkles and also help to treat sagging skin.

Helps to maintain the Heart

Regular consumption of pistachio in moderate quantity is said to be very beneficial to the heart. The nut is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are very helpful in reducing high blood pressure. They also contain Phytosterol, which helps in the reduction of the rate of absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Unhealthy dietary cholesterol blocks up the arteries, hence preventing circulation of blood into the heart.

Strengthens the body’s Immune system

A moderate intake of pistachio nuts could really help you in achieving a very healthy immunity. With the high volume of Vitamin B6, an important constituent for keeping the immune system strong and also functioning properly.

Helps in the control of Cancer

Pistachio nuts are very rich in antioxidants which assist in reducing the risks of having prostrate, skin and lung cancer. Protects the skin from radiation and UV light.

Boosts the Nervous system

Given the high levels of Vitamin B6 present in pistachio nut, the formation of amino acids is better done. Amino acid helps to develop amines acting neurotransmitters. The Vitamin B6 present also helps in the production myelin, this helps in the formation of an insulating cover around the nerve fiber for proper transportation of nerve signals. Pistachio can also help in the synthesizes of melatonin, serotonin and GABA, known to reduce stress.

Nutritional Value of Pistachio

Pistachio is a nut that contains many nutrients very beneficial to the body. packed with B complex Vitamins like niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamin and folate. It contains rich minerals like magnesium, protein copper, selenium, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron and phosphorus. A cup of pistachio contains about 520 to 600 calories and around 450 calories of that is from monounsaturated fats. A 28-gram serving of pistachio has in it a great amount of protein, potassium, fiber, zinc, Vitamin B6, manganese and phosphorus.  They also have a yummy and rich nutty taste with much more important nutrients.

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