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13 Surprising Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits for Stomach, Vision, Brain and Health


Dragon fruits is native to South America. It is otherwise known as Pitaya. It is now grown in some Asian countries like Vietnam, China, and Thailand. The dragon fruits skin looks so much like the skin of a dragon and this is where it derived it name. It is not such a popular fruit like other well known fruits. Its consumption is quite limited in popularity. 

There are two kinds of dragon fruits. There is a white flesh dragon fruit and a red flesh dragon fruit. These two kinds resembles pineapple. Its tastes similar to Kiwi and Pear combination but with a crunchy texture.

In addition, dragon fruits only blooms at night and last for just a day. There has to be pollination on the night before there can be any fruit which is done by bats and moths.

The health benefits of dragon fruit just like every other fruits are not far fetched. The fruit can benefits the hair, skin and the general health in so many ways. Dragon fruit nutrition includes: antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, carotene, etc.

The following are some of the health. Benefits of consuming Dragon Fruit

Aids the treatment of Stomach Disorder

Dragon fruit can treatment several stomach disorder such as indigestion and constipation faster. The fruit has high water content and rich in fiber. It relieves bowel movement and enhance digestion.

Boost Heart Health

Eating dragon fruit will boost the heart health and keep it healthy. It lowers the risk of heart attack and arteries damage.

Aids Weight Management

For people who are looking into having a healthy weight, dragon fruit is effective for that. Dragon fruit can be added to diet. It is very low in calorie. It also helps to stop cravings and remain fuller for longer periods thus, preventing overeating and binge eating.

Immunity Booster

Dragon fruit is very rich in Vitamin C. It works perfectly in boosting the immune system. People who consume more of this fruit will have a lower risk of contracting diseases and infections. They will have strong immune system and are able to fight diseases and infections from their body.

Reduces Type II Diabetes

Dragon fruit for diabetes can prevent diabetes and stress. It contains flavonoids and antioxidants which helps in reducing blood sugar levels in people suffering from Type II diabetes. Eating this fruit will result into a drastic reduction in glucose level.

Support Healthy Pregnancy

The fruit is rich in iron which is needed for the formation of red blood cells. Eating this fruit during pregnancy is a way to overcome the low blood levels during the third trimester of pregnancy. The red blood cell formation dos not only impact the mother but it does impact the fetus as well. It ensures that adequate oxygen is supplied to the fetus.

Good for Vision

The fruit contains beta-carotene and some other elements that support the vision health. When taking regularly, it can protect the yes from free radicals and diseases that affect vision like macular degeneration and cataract.

Arthritis Pain Relief

The fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties which can relief arthritis pain. It has a direct effect on both knee and joint pain.

Prevents Cancer Growth

The amazing fruit has the ability to prevent the growth of cancer cell in the body. It contains lycopene which works to prevent tumor formation in the body.

Boosts Carbohydrates in Pregnant Women

More carbohydrates is needed during pregnancy. This is a fact well known. Eating dragon fruit during pregnancy will supply the mother with adequate energy needed on daily basis if taking regularly.

Aids Body Cells Repair

Dragon fruit is active in regenerating and repairing of damaged body cells this I due to the fact that the fruit contains special enzymes and proteins. It speeds up healing process in wounds and burns.

Appetite Booster

Dragon fruit can restore appetite to people suffering from anemia and other eating disorder. It can as well treat some stomach conditions which prevent people from having good appetite.

Protects the Brain

Dragon fruit contains essential nutrients and compounds that prevent the brain from damages. These nutrients also enables the brain to function properly and protect the nerves.

In conclusion, dragon fruit can be likened to a crazy fruit looking at its appearance. Although, low in calorie but fully packed with essential nutrients. The fruit is costlier but it’s worth it with all the benefits it has. This fruit should be consumed in moderation. It contains fructose which if consumed in excess can affect the body.

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