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13 Incredible Health Benefits of Eggs for Bones, Eyes, Hair and Health


Generally, eggs are packed with nutrients. Eggs are gotten from domestic animals like chicken, turkey, duck, and geese. Chicken eggs are the most consumed of all these eggs. To most people, eggs are bad due to its high cholesterol content. Even at that, eggs nutritional benefits still surpasses this. There are lots of nutritional values of eggs.

An egg contains 6% RDA of Vitamin A, 5% RDA of Folate, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Calcium, Protein, Calorie, Phosphorus, and others. An egg a day will give the body all these nutrients to run the days activities. Adding an egg to breakfast will not increase your cholesterol level nor will it harm your health. Eggs are more satisfying and will make you feel fuller when consumed over breakfast. Here are some of the reasons you should eat egg.

Supplies the Body with Choline

Choline belongs to the Vitamin B group. It is usually very hard to get this nutrients as most people do not get enough of it. Whereas, eating an egg will supply the body with about 100 mg of this amazing nutrient. Choline helps in building cell membrane and also produces signaling molecules in the brain.

Boost Brain Health

Eating eggs on regular basis will have a good impact on the brain. This is one of the boiled egg benefits. Boiled eggs supplies the brain with choline. It will increase the brain function to perform better even during old age. Thus, preventing age related brain conditions likes Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest disease affecting the human race. Consuming eggs on daily basis can help to prevent the development of breast cancer in both men and women. Eggs can also help in the treatment of breast cancer in both gender.

Ideal for Dieting

Women who are concerned about their body weight and shape can find a solace in eggs. Consuming boiled eggs regularly will result into an ideal body shape. Eggs aids weight loss. It also helps to prevent cravings and prevent eating unnecessarily at all times. People who eat boiled eggs tends to feel fuller and eat less thus, reducing overeating and cutting calorie intake.

Lower Bad Cholesterol

Another health benefits of eggs is that it helps to reduce LDL cholesterol which is bad for the body and also helps in increasing the good cholesterol HDL that is good for the body due to the omega-3 fatty acids present in egg.

Maintains Metabolism

Eggs can help to maintain metabolic rate. Metabolism plays a vital role in the body. As a result of the high content of Vitamin B12 in eggs, metabolism can be increased and maintained maximally.

Reduces Calories Absorption

Eggs are good in reducing the absorption of calories. This is good for people who are on diet. Eating eggs will regulate calorie intake and maintain a proper calorie levels. Consuming boiled eggs has low cholesterol compared to fried egg.

Cures Anemia

People suffering from anemia can be cured with eggs. Boiled eggs contains an iron compound which which can improve the production of hemoglobin and it performance.

Stimulate Bone Strength

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that affect old age. Consuming eggs can help over bone disease and disorder when taking regularly.

Increases Body Protein

Eggs are good source of protein and also contain amino acids. Consuming the right amount of protein can as well aid weight loss.

Protect Eyesight

Egg can help to reduce cataract. It also contain antioxidants which promote good vision. This is why mothers are always advised to give their children eggs on daily basis.

Promotes Hair and Nails

Eggs are rich in sulphur, Vitamins and minerals. This promote healthy hair growth and nails. It also prevent hair loss due to its high content of Vitamins A and E.

Good for Pregnancy

This is still because of the choline found in egg. Choline is important in pregnancy. Supplying the body with adequate amount of choline will help in fetus growth and development. It also helps in memory development of the unborn child. This is why choline plays a vital role in brain and memory function.

In conclusion, there are lots of myths that surrounds the consumption of egg which are so not true. Eggs are not bad for the health. They are actually good if consumed in moderation. There are thousands of reasons to eat eggs without having any adverse effects of the health. Eat an egg or two a day and begin to see it wonders on your health.

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