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12 Awesome Health Benefits of Radish for Digestion, Kidney, Heart and Health


Radish is a juicy root crop. Sweet and tasty. They are of varieties of color; Purple, red, white, and black, having various shapes, long or cylindrical. They can be eaten cooked, raw or prickled. Radish was first originated from China and it later gained popularity in other part of the world.

Nutritional Values of Radish

Radish has abundance of lots of essential nutrients. It contains protein, dietary fiber, riboflavin, folates, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin C, viatmin K, vitamin E, sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and phyto-nutrients like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein zeaxanthin.

What are the Health of Benefits of Radish

Drinking radish juice promote healthy skin and enhance beauty from within. It helps in treating freckled skin and blemishes. Radish can also be used as a laxative. It serves as a good appetizer, breath freshener, and also help to regulate the metabolism level. People who eat a good amount of radish on regular can notice a rapid drop in the blood sugar level, and a good improvement in their blood circulation below are some other health benefits of radish.

Top Health Benefits of Radish:

Packed with Antioxidants

Radish contain enough antioxidants which helps to protect the body against attacks, diseases and infections.

Promote Better Digestion

Radish helps in promoting digestion because it has a good amount of fiber. It also aids bowel movement and helps relieve constipation. They also help to control diarrhea. It also serve as a protector for the liver and the bladder.

Helps in the treatment of Respiratory Disorder

Radish helps in reducing congestion of the respiratory system. It is also in the treatment of allergies, nose irritation, and other disorders.

Supports Weight Loss

Spinach has high water content which makes ideal for weight loss. Radish also contain low fat and calories which makes it good for diet. It helps curbs cravings and enables one to stay fuller for a long period.

Improves Cardiovascular System

Radish contain anthocyanins which protect the cardiovascular system. It helps to reduce cardiovascular disease.

Prevents Against Cancer

Radish aid in the treatment of colon cancer, intestinal cancer, oral cancer, kidney cancer because of the folic acid, anthocyanins, vitamin C found in it.

Helps in lowering Blood Pressure

The high content of potassium in radish which is linked to blood pressure. It helps to relax the blood vessel and promote regular blood flow.

Serves as a kidney protector

Radish serves as a diuretic, as a cleanser, and as a disinfectant. It helps to flush out toxins from the kidney and the blood. The disinfectant and cleansing properties in radish kidney protect the kidney against infections and cleanses it.

Protect the Heart

Radish helps in reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and prevent the heart against cardiovascular diseases.

Promote Liver Health

Radish is a powerful antioxidant which protect the liver and also helps in detoxifying the liver. It eliminates toxins and purifies the blood.

Helps in Diabetes

Radish helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It also also anti-diabetics properties and hypoglycemic which protect against Diabetes.

Good for the Immune System

Due to the abundance of antioxidants in radish, it helps to strengthen the immune system in combating diseases and infections. The antioxidants also helps to fight free radicals and prevent the stimulation of toxins.

Aid the treatment of Leucoderma

Radish seed plays a vital role here. Eating radish seed can help in the treatment of leucoderma. The radish should be grind, mix with ginger juice, vinegar, or cow urine. And then applied in the affected area. Radish can also be eaten for this benefit.

Helps in treating Jaundice

Radish helps in eliminating bilirubin from the body which is the major cause of jaundice. Eating red radish will promote the treatment of jaundice.

Hydrates the Skin

Radish supplies high water content to the body which helps to keep the skin hydrated all day long and thus, helps to prevent skin dryness.

In addition, another health benefits of eating radish is that it can help to heal insect bites. It can fight skin disorders like acne, pimples, dark spot and so on. Eating radish also helps to prevent hair loss and hair breakage. It promote hair growth and strengthens the scalp, making it healthier and inhibit infections.

In conclusion, radish is very nutritious and provide several other benefits to the health when taking on regular basis. Kindly slice a radish in meal and you will see its wonderful effect on your stomach. Eating radish also have other health benefits aside from the above listed benefits.

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