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10 Health Benefits of Green Tea for Weight loss, Skin Care, Heart and Blood Pressure


These days you might have heard a lot about Green Tea for weight loss, good fat burner etc., but there are many other hidden health benefits that we are unaware of or simply ignored.

Benefits of Green tea

Green Tea is a power packed beverage on the planet with fully loaded antioxidants, called polyphenols. Antioxidants are molecules that removes free radicals, which harm compounds that are present in our body. Naturally, free radicals take place in the body, besides environmental toxins such as smoking, air pollution, UV rays etc. will also cause for the increase of damaging particles.

Researchers believe that, free radicals may lead to health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. However, antioxidants in green tea will prevent such type of damages and helps us to stay fit and healthy.

Let us find out the incredible benefits of green tea –

Weight Loss: Green Tea has the factors to increase our body metabolism. Because antioxidants increase the levels of fat oxidation, through which our body converts the food into calories. So, if you’re thinking of loosing weight, try Green Tea weight loss program suggested by your physician.

Diabetes: Green Tea controls the glucose levels when there is an increase of blood sugar after eating. This will reduce the risk of high insulin points and ensuing fat storage.

Heart Disease: Green Tea reduces the risk of heart diseases. It works on the blood vessels and keep them relaxed and helps when blood pressure variability. And, it also protects from blocks, which is the major reason for heart strokes.

Esophageal Cancer: Green Tea prevents esophageal cancer. The substance which it holds, kill cancer cells in general without causing any harm to the healthy tissues around them.

Cholesterol: It removes bad cholesterol presented in blood and builds good cholesterol.

Tooth Decay: Studies say that, the antioxidant, called “catechin”, removes the bacteria which produce throat infections, tooth diseases and more dental conditions.

Blood Pressure: Regular intake of green tea is more helpful to cut the risk of high blood pressure.

Depression: The natural substances of amino acids in tea leaves provides relaxing and soothing effects

Antibacterial: Catechins in tea leaves work as an antibacterial agent. These agents help to fight everything from fever to cancer.

Skin Care: Green Tea has anti-aging properties, which helps from wrinkles, pimples and much more. Studies also say that, it can even reduce the damages on the skin caused by sun.

How Much?  There are many nutritional benefits of Green Tea, but one cup a day may not able to provide the required values. One might say, one cup is enough for a day and the other might say,  three cups a day, some might say only organic Green Tea. But if this goes on, you might get confused, how much you need. Well, to avoid confusion, consult a physician.

Does Green Tea have caffeine?

Yes, Green Tea contains caffeine. It have 2% to 4% caffeine, which influence our thoughts, increases urine output, activates brain messengers imperative in Parkinson’s disease.

But, tannins substance in Green tea will not be ideal for a pregnant woman.

Nevertheless, follow the expert guidance before you add Green Tea to your diet and reap its essential benefits.

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